Ten thousand users. And one big Thank You!

10,000 registered accounts. Who would’ve imagined such a great response mere weeks after the public beta — not to mention the almost 8,000 Chrome Web Store users who added Moqups to their browser homepage. We’re ecstatic! So, a big thank you from our small team for your warm welcoming.

Around the world

It makes us immensely happy that these 10,000 people from every corner of the globe signed up with us because they really found value in Moqups one way or another. We avoided any tricks to force sign-ups. We parted with social login services with their seamless registration and whatnot because we felt that’s not important at this stage. We kept email marketing communication to a minimum (zero). We thought really hard about how to make Moqups instantly available without sign-up so that you can easily take that elusive idea off your mind and onto the screen. Thank you for letting us know these were good decisions.

Harder better faster stronger

Oh boy! You guys contributed over 160 ideas on our community website, dozens of suggestions, bug reports and feedback through our customer support system and via Twitter. We also learned just how much you dislike Comic Sans and its friends and we defaulted to something better :-). Other than this (unpardonable, some might say) ahem, slip, our internal backlog (a.k.a. our big ol’ TODO list) aligns perfectly to your observations, so we seem to be pretty much on the same page, which is encouraging and awesome.

Human after all

From the inception of Moqups, our mission was to allow creatives to exercise their imagination without any obstacles. One particularly obnoxious obstacle is to be asked to pay for something you’re not convinced about. That’s why the main functionality of Moqups will always stay free. To be honest, we’ve never seriously thought about numbers because it’s more interesting to just build value to our users. I believe this approach worked wonders so far.

Bottom line: we will probably take some of your hard earned money for irresistible features coming in the next releases. Spine-tingling stuff like collaboration, privacy & security preferences, limitlessness (which is, I believe, an actual word), priority support and feedback tools that will help you work more efficiently with your peers. Many of you already expressed the need for such features and it’s our plan to offer you all of that and then some.

Thanks again, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Ten thousand users. And one big Thank You!

  1. I really think this is a great product. You guys did a really splendid job. I am really interested to know how much dev-hours this took to create?

    Did this take like 10000 (5 devs 1 year) or more like 2000 (1 dev-year)?

  2. Happy user of the service ever since I found it on YCombinator – great work guys.

    Appreciate your monetization effort, but please don’t gimp privacy (everyone should be able to keep their moqups private) and don’t limit our accounts (unlimited Projects and pages!) The collaboration ideas are interesting and I hope you continue developing it together with other exciting features.

    I understand these requests may be a tall order, but sincerly hope you will consider them!

    Thanks again from a happy user.

  3. Buck, it would be something like 5,000 dev-hours, but who’s counting? 🙂

    Littleguy, we’ll definitely consider your suggestions. BTW, when we talk about privacy we’re thinking along the lines of adding refined privacy preferences (e.g. which users have access to a specific project). We’re not going to *publicize* the free projects. That would be extra rude and that’s definitely not how we roll.

    Thank you both for the kind words!
    — Dan

  4. Moqups is very pretty and so intuitive that I was able to begin using without reading a single introductory or instructional sentence. Very intelligent work. I’d like to commend you on your philosophical approach to the free core functionality. I’m a lot more inclined to pay out for quality products when I don’t have to. The paid add-ons sound promising and yes, your highlighting of privacy as an add-on does lead one to assume that they’ll have no privacy in an absolute sense. I know you’ve already qualified this in the comment section. Thank you for a product that’s already superior to many paid alternatives and thank you for your selfless philosophy.

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