Quick weekend update

A new version of Moqups that includes several bug fixes and improvements is now available for everyone.

Here’s what we’ve done:

  • New iPad stencil
  • New Tree stencil
  • The iOS button stencil can be resized both vertically and horizontally
  • Configurable line height support for the Paragraph stencil
  • Buttons stencils can now be smaller than 16 pixels
  • CMD+SHIFT+? will now open the Keyboard shortcuts dialog for Mac users (F1 is many times conflicting with the Brightness adjustment on Macs)
  • Better visual feedback when saving and autosaving
  • Projects in Edit mode have their own URL (useful for bookmarking)
  • Fixed some server side issues when saving big projects
  • Offline Lost Project Recovery –  click the Moqups logo and then “Recovery” in case of a connection problem or browser crash.
  • Moved to a new, more powerful cloud infrastructure thanks to our incredible folks at SoftLayer. This should dramatically improve our recent scalability and stability issues that hit us due to the incredible demand.
  • Many other things that are invisible for your eyes but make Moqups more snappy and stable overall.

A fix for failed PDF exports on very big projects is also pending, so please bare with us just a little bit more.

Most of these changes are in response to our amazing community, so THANK YOU and please keep feeding us with your creative ideas or issue reports.

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