Blokk, Grid Markdown support and about us :-)

Two little patches just landed in Moqups:

  • Dan (AKA Dan from Moqups) added Blokk like experimental support for the Paragraph stencil. He’s still undecided whether the Blokk style or Redacted is the way to go, so maybe you guys can help him make up his mind a bit 😉 
  • You can now use Markdown to format the contents inside Grid/Table stencils. This means you can now apply basic formatting to the text inside the grid cells.

As always,  we’re eager to hear your amazing ideas, so please leave your feedback in our awesome community.

P.S. – By popular demand, we’ve created a homepage with some basic info about the team behind Moqups. Go check it out if you haven’t already!


Blokk like support in Moqups Grid Markdown


One thought on “Blokk, Grid Markdown support and about us :-)

  1. Can we please get the ability to create a link without having to provide a URL? If we’re doing mockups, I don’t need to actually make it link out – I just want a quick way to make it underlined and blue. So just to be able to put brackets [] around text without providing the accompanying () with a URL.

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