It’s here: Moqups Premium

A new beginning

…sure feels like one, with a new infrastructure, a fresh set of features and new challenges ahead of us. Let me give you a tour of what you’re seeing in the new Moqups app.

New stuff for everyone

You’ll notice we simplified the interface, in part to make it less intimidating and also to make room for some things that are coming in the following months. In addition:

We consolidated stencil linking and the new Hotspots and added handy keyboard shortcuts. Now you can create interactive areas over the images you upload.


To aid in drawing diagrams and notes, we’ve added diagonal lines and arrowheads for all lines.


Emil created a new image placeholder stencil which now scales nicely.


We added a note stencil to annotate your designs.


Premium features

We’ve invested a lot of energy in The Perks of Having a Premium Subscription:

Master pages help you set a common base for your pages.


Live collaboration on projects to make teams more efficient (props to teammate Adi).


Unlimited revisions for your projects, for when you want to save snapshots of your progress or branch off in a different direction.


The ability to create private projects, visible only to the collaborators you invite to the project.


Commenting in both the project editor and the viewer.


Unlimited archived projects, to help you manage your project quota.


What happened to free forever?

If you’ve been with us before this, you might get the feeling things are somehow restricted. “Don’t mess with the users” was a constant discussion while we navigate the intricacies of making a sustainable product.

New, free users get the chance to use Moqups in a casual manner: two projects and all the features of Moqups v1 and more. But what does the change mean to veteran users? If you had a lot of projects, you will see a message that you’ve exceeded the quota for the free account. Other than that, you can continue to use your existing projects exactly as before, with all the old features enabled. We hope this is a helpful compromise. Drop us a line through the feedback widget or on support at moqups dot com, we would love to know your thoughts on this. Also, we’ve put together a page with questions you might have.

What’s next?

We will continue to improve and add new features to both the free and premium versions of Moqups, based on our internal roadmap and your wonderful suggestions. As always, use the feedback widget and our email addresses to ask us anything.

— Team Moqups

P.S. If you bump into any issue with the new release, please contact us at support at moqups dot com with the details. We’re caffeinated and ready to tackle them.

P.P.S. We even have a Facebook page now!

2 thoughts on “It’s here: Moqups Premium

  1. Salut. Felicitari pt proiect. Impresionant din multe puncte de vedere dar as avea de adus cateva critici constructive.
    Una la mana faceti o treaba destul de slabuta in a va promova produsul cum trebuie.

    Daca e sa caut ceva de genul “best mockups tools” si cineva mentioneaza “moqups”, fie o sa caut cuvantul pe google fie dau click pe link si ambele ma duc la pagina cu produsul in sine cand ar trebui sa ma duca la o pagina de prezentare unde sa se precizeze ce feature-uri are, ce il face special samd. Inteleg ca produsul in sine conteaza dar daca cineva face o comparatie intre 20 asemeanea aplicatii, n-o sa stea sa-l ia pe fiecare la puricat si e posibil sa nu observe toate functionalitatea sau beneficiile programului. De acea e necesar sa ai o pagina de prezentare (care sa fie landing page-ul) in care sa listati ca moqups suporta colaborari, prototipuri, etc etc
    Practic sa va promovati produsul cum trebuie

    A doua ar fi un feature request: din ce m-am jucat tool-ul pare destul de capabil pt wireframeuri/mockupuri si prototipuri dar cand vine vorba de pre-productie de multe ori ai nevoie sa faci UI flows sau sitemaps si diagramele sunt folositoare. Problema e ca nu suportati magnetic lines (sau cum s-or numi). Practic linia sa faca snap la shape astfel incat sa pot trage de ele in toate directiile si liniile sa ramana conectate.

    Si ca sa nu fiu acuzat ca-s Gica contra, ce mi-a aplacut in mod deosebit

    type to search e idee interesanta
    si mai interesant mi se pare lista ce poate fi populata cu tot feluri de itemuri (bullets, submenu, text + pic) modificand doar text

  2. Cool !

    I have a question about the comments… Is it possible to add a comment on a specific area of the wireframe to bring more details. For example, if a customer want to change the color of an element, he can add a comment on this element. InVision does that ! And you ? Thanks

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