Optimizing For Creativity, or, Why We Don’t Have a Landing Page

At first, it was the need to get the product out the door that trumped marketing considerations. But here we are two years later with a mature product, super users, and still no landing page.  In a world of conversion optimization, the Moqups homepage is something of a paradox.  One of our early users was fascinated by the whole thing.


A landing page would be nothing short of a creativity killer for new users. It might lead to a few extra sales, true, but we’d be compromising one of core principles; creativity and design go hand in hand.

Moqups is a tool that enhances a distinctive creative process. Period.  Picture yourself in the perfect storm of a lightbulb moment and the right place to act upon it. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, how do you like hitting a five-step funnel that ends with a credit card form?  Do you still remember exactly what you saw in your mind’s eye when the inspiration hit? Is the creative spark just as bright as it was when you ‘landed’?

The truth is any authoring app disparages its own value proposition when usability is taken over by sales and marketing considerations (the guys at Hemmingway know that).  It also disrespects the idea person, or, as Google calls them, the Smart Creatives.  We don’t think that they need a conversion funnel to pay for a good product.  Nor does anyone need much convincing once they have an idea.

Then there’s the technology angle.

HTML5 implies instant gratification. But if you throw the common growth hacking techniques on top of an HTML5 app you’ve broken that promise. In our Internet world of forgotten passwords, attention grabbing (but ultimately disappointing) headlines, and ubiquitous advertising, there’s no greater satisfaction than hitting a page and getting what was promised. By foregoing the prospect of more sales delivered by a marketing driven landing page, we’re giving our users an experience that they appreciate.


Finally, some of us have ADD, and conversion funnels are guaranteed to kill our temporary mojo.  Conventional wisdom dictates that Landing Pages are the holy grail of growth, but that simply isn’t the case with every app. We want everybody who hits Moqups to keep that creative spark alive and bright. Does this mean we will never, ever, ever have a landing page? No, it just means that whatever happens, we’ll always optimize for creativity.


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